Throughout the year we donate pre-season and post season periods to organizations that we have associations with. Included in these groups are the Troopers Memorial Fund, the Central Park East 1 Elementary School, and NYPD Arms Wide Open organization, Autism Speaks benefiting ISF Inclusive Sports and Fitness.

Specifically what we donate is a single home for a midweek (Monday to Friday or weekend which is Friday to Monday beach house in Ocean Bay Park, Fire Island. The rental may be completed before Memorial Day Weekend or from Third week of September until Columbus Day Weekend. The period is contingent upon availability in one of the following, either 2 Seneca Walk, 19 East Cayuga Walk or 19 West Cayuga Walk. The homes have 3 bedrooms and sleep 10 people.

35 Seneca is not involved in any auction or donation and is not available as a substitute.

Separate from any payments made to the charity / organization at the time of bidding, the winning bidder will have to supply a refundable $500 security deposit and non-refundable $200 cleaning fee to be paid us prior to using the beach home as well as a copy of their driver's license.

The stay will be conditioned to availability as our rentals take priority.

If there are any questions with respect to this arrangements please contact us prior to bidding with the charity.